Every item in our signature collections includes special security features. The easiest way to check the authenticity of your product is by scanning the QR code printed on it's security tag. Here's what to expect:

Step 1. Look for the security tag on your product, usually located next to it's product tag.

Step 2. Scan the QR Code.

Step 3. Check your results

Our verification tool will load in your browser. When it's finished processing, one of two result messages will show.

 a) Verification Success - Your product is verified and you will be presented with matching product details for additional confirmation.


b) No Match - Your item might not be authentic. Contact us for additional assistance.

 PLEASE NOTE: Each QR code on a security tag embeds a special authentication code that is unique to your exact product. It's critical that your product's security tag be KEPT SECRET. To prevent counterfeiting, we invalidate any publicized authentication codes so keep that in mind while sharing on social media. Please help us ensure the authenticity of your products. If you find any counterfeits or voided security tags, please let us know! Thank you.