About Us

-    Our Inspiration    -

From our geography to our culture, Mexico is a land of diversity, and as a child, Luna Marie got to see it all. On weekends, her father would load up the family into a cramped station wagon and set off for adventure. As they traveled across every natural wonder and cultural destination, she was fascinated by the local artisans they would come across. Whether it was uniquely patterned textiles in Michoacan, handmade dolls in Queretaro, or colorful pottery in Oaxaca, she marveled at the creativity and dedication that went into their craft, an true expression of the land, people and history surrounding them. Sadly with rapid urbanization, many of these disciplines are now endangered. At Luna Marie Designs, we strive to showcase these traditions and the artisans that keep them alive in an ever changing world.

-    Authentic Materials   -

We carefully select our materials. Our Decorative Baskets as well as our Tortilla Warmers and Mini-Decor contain at least one of the following authentic Mexican materials: Handwoven Cambaya Fabric, Handwoven Palm Baskets and Handwoven Mini Palm Hats. 

The artisanal materials we source from Mexico are all beautiful in their own right and each of our signature designs is intended to faithfully highlight their handcraftmanship. For example, every palm basket we use is constructed from handpicked and handwoven leaves, representing around six hours of dedicated labor.

-    Our Work Process   -

Every design in our signature collection is an adventure in itself. Our journey starts in the abstract, with a heartfult memory, a passing emotion, or even a particular a cultural icon that we want to bring into the wholesome world of Monchi & Friends. We set out with a blank ball of fabric and stuffing, but as the eyes, nose and mouth start forming the face, our characters steadily come alive. From the genuine materials we incorporate into their dress to the tiny embelishments we add to their hair and facial features, every detail stays true to our inspiration. It's a work of love and we hope to spark that same feeling of joy whenever you look upon your finished piece.