What is Next?  Tenates

What is Next? Tenates

We are glad to announce a new drop of items soon. This time we will experiment our designs over TENATES. Tenate is a palm basket made by artisans in Mexico typically used to hold friut, grains or vegetables, but its more common use is as tortilla warmer. They are made in multiple sizes and colors. They are handcrafted in Tehuacan, Puebla Mexico by very experienced artisans. Usually they are soft, so we need to order special woven to sustain the weight that our decoration requires. The difference between palm baskets and TENATES is minimun. Both are made of palm leaves, but TENATES have a different woven termination. Our tenates decoration experimentation came up successfully.  We hope you will enjoy them too. We will anounce the new drop soon. Stay tuned. Subscribe or follow us. Meanwhile take a look...




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